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Update 0.6 - The Dead Rise

With the Season of the Storm upon us the Dead have come to seek their revenge on the living!

Not only that, thanks to the large community collaboration, we can now reveal the crew management system based entirely on your feedback.

On Geheimnisnacht when Morrsleib the dark moon waxes, spirits invade the lands. Superstitious sailors tell tales of ghost corsairs crewed by the undead.

Crew Management
Players can now being name and hire individual crew members.
Each individual crew member can now be assigned jobs onboard ship, given new weapons and with experience levelled up to gain new traits.

Full list of changes

- Crew are now individual characters with unique skills and individual experience growth.
- Added crew traits, crew can gain traits by levelling up after gaining experience.
- Added crew management screen where crew can be assigned to positions on ship, levelled up and paid as well as have their equipment adjusted.
- Crew now cost less initially but require payment every midnight (if unpaid the following midnight, crew will lose some morale)
- Crew provisions and water added, provisions can be bought in port or converted from food cargo. Water is collected when raining, and replenished automatically in port.
- Crew can be put on limited rations which reduces provision and water usage but will slowly reduce morale.
- Added mutinies: Extremely low morale crew can mutiny.
- Added crew roles: crew can work on rigging, ship maintenance, cannons, lookout, ship’s cook, cooper, quartermaster, surgeon or be assigned as marines.
- Crew traits added, crew gain traits as they level up, some crew may start with traits.
- Expanded the scrolling area on the keyboard config screen
- Fixed a number of issues with the Slaanesh Hellship weapon
- Added undead encounters during Geheimnisnacht and Hexennacht
- In-game date is now shown above the game-time UI
- Morrsleib and Mannsleib will move separately in the sky and change brightness/size over time
- Fixed a bug with some orcs not getting their melee weapons
- Repositioned pirate port in the Gulf of Kislev
- Reduced volume of pegasus flapping
- Purchasing a ship now transfers all your existing crew to the new ship if there is space. The lowest level crew members will remain on the old ship if not.
- Sharpshooter can now have weapons assigned like other crew members
- Crew now have a chance of being injured instead of killed outright, a ship’s surgeon can improve this chance, as well as reduce the chance of long term injury traits.
- Port defence ships will not respawn so often.
- More fixes to flyers trying to attack their own ship.
- Great Winged Terror’s wings should no longer get in the way of boarding
- Increased the intensity of the sun and moon light to improve visibility.
- Refit upgrades should now be purchaseable when you have the correct gold, rather than needing the full undiscounted amount.
- Added a one button option for ship firing (click once to aim, again to fire) this can be enabled in the control options.
- Can click on individual sections of the ship to repair in port.
- Slowed buildup of campaign - now takes longer for the hostile factions to reach their full strength.

To get this update you'll need to switch to the Beta channel in your GOG galaxy client.

Open up GOG galaxy and click on Man O' War: Corsair.

Click "More>" next to Play and choose "Configure"

Change the Beta Channels selector to ON.
Choose "Public Beta" from the Channel dropdown.

Your game will now patch to the latest beta update.
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thank you.I dl now.Glory the undead fleet.
Update 0.6.1:
- Fixed a bug with cargo count when purchasing goods
- Added ability to sell provisions
- Floating shields no longer appear whilst looking through spyglass
- Dead player crew return their weapons to the player’s inventory (if they die on the ship)
- Flyers should no longer put the player ship “in combat” from a great distance
- Adjusted ship collision avoidance AI
- Fixed a bug with the crew screen and somehow having too many crew
- Fixed a bug with injured crew preventing reassignment of other crew
- Fixed a bug that prevented AA firing when reloading from a save
- Fixed saves which were affected by the cargo bug in 0.6.0

- Fixed an issue that caused some flyers to flee to range
- Spell damage versus Sea Monsters now takes into account resistances/saves etc.
- Fixed a bug with hellblaster gunners being added to your crew
- Ship UI now shows max crew
- Main game screen ship UI no longer includes provisions in the cargo total
- Made the overlay for the tutorial slightly less intrusive
- Fixed some potential crashes with the Doombringer bell
- Adjusted world bounds.

And this is now live on the main channel.