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Update 0.4 - Dwarves! Skaven! Flyers! Magic!

We’d just like to thank you all for your continued & amazing support for Man O’ War: Corsair, and we’re excited to be able to announce the game has now launched on beta with a brand new bunch of features! Amongst the highlights are the introduction of the Winds of Magic, now you can hire Magic users to do battle, as well as two new races to encounter in the ocean! Meet the Sinister Skaven and the diminutive dwarves! As if that wasn’t enough we have introduced Flyers and Anti-Flyer weapons to take them out with!


The winds of magic blow strong, and wizards make their first appearance, both on ships and in their wizard towers scattered across the Old World! The flame-wielding wizards of the Bright Order and the weather masters of the Grey Order will join you for a price, while brutish Orc Shamans and devious Skaven Grey Seers plague the seas.


Watch the skies for the noble Bretonnian Pegasus Knights, fierce Imperial Griffon Riders, and the vicious Orc War Wyverns as well as squigs.

Anti-Flyer Weapons

Refit your ship with a Hellblaster Volley Gun or a regiment of deadly archers to see off threats from above.


Rumour has it that the Skaven have taken to the seas, in their flame-spewing Warp-raiders, toxic Deathburners, and dreaded Doombringers - each swarming with the vile creatures, as well as the occasional Rat Ogre.


The mighty steam-driven fleets of the Dwarfs have sailed out of Barak Varr, including the resilient Monitors and Ironclads, immense Dreadnoughts, and the ingenious Nautilus submarines.

Full list of changes:

- Added the Dwarf and Skaven fleets to the game.
- Added Grey Wizards, Bright Wizards, Orc Shamans, and Grey Seers.
- Added wizard towers.
- Added regions of strong Winds of Magic.
- Changed default ‘switch character weapon’ key to R (and 1-4 will also jump to a particular weapon)
- Fixed numerous miscellaneous quest bugs, and added some more unique and randomised quests across the world.
- Added Griffons, Wyverns, and Pegasi to the game.
- Squigs!
- Added the Hellblaster Volley Gun, Bretonnian Archer Regiment, and Goblin Doomdivers.
- Added additional audio to the Captain’s Mate.
- Ship UI sections indicate weapons and movement being disabled by status effects, rather than only from destroyed damage sections.
- The firing arc arrow fades out while your own ship weapons are disabled by status effects.
- Fixed a bug where if your ship is sunk and despawns while you're looking at the map, the game over screen would never come up.
- Characters can now walk over the battlements of oared ships.
- Characters no longer poke their weapons through their shields when walking backwards.
- Added additional pirate ports to the coastline.
- Marienburg has a new sail design.
- Tutorial is not cancelled so easily by sailing the wrong way.
- Crew will no longer stagger just because they bumped into the player.
- Added an icon for burning damage sections.
- Fixed some melee animation bugs
- No, really, Squigs!
- Characters are more likely to block/parry if they're able to.
- NPCs fighting other NPCs will now stagger each other more often and take more damage.
- Right clicking on your ship icon on the map now cancels your waypoint.
- AI pilot no longer auto-switches movement mode upon entering the map screen.
- Fixed a bug where a dead sharpshooter would reappear upon loading a save.
- Updated the Corsair model with more rigging and objects.
- When controlling a character, the player may now increase the game speed above 1x, but not below.
- Holding shift will now allow the player to run.
- The lantern of your own Wolfship and all ship splashes no longer appear in the spyglass.
- Updated crew navigation on the Greatship and Wolfship.
- Players can no longer step off the aft castle of the Wargalley and Wolfship, the fighting top on the Buccaneer, or the gun mounting on the Hell-hammer.
- The Hulk’s Iron Claws now properly disable when destroyed.
- Tweaked the movement and resurfacing of the Black Leviathan.
- Character health bars turn red if your crew is attacking you, and flash white on critical hits.
- Fixed some misaligned docking points in Marienburg.
- Abandoned pirate ports are correctly labelled, and plundered pirate ports will correctly save their status instead of giving infinite loot.
- Lyonesse now shows on the correct side of the island on the map.
- Updated ship navigation and terrain avoidance.

To get this update you'll need to switch to the Beta channel in your GOG galaxy client.

Open up GOG galaxy and click on Man O' War: Corsair.

Click "More>" next to Play and choose "Configure"

Change the Beta Channels selector to ON.
Choose "Public Beta" from the Channel dropdown.

Your game will now patch to the latest beta update.
Post edited August 12, 2016 by evilfraser
Thank you for a patch.I love the game.Played battleship in warhammer universe is very good.
This is now on the default channel with the following changes:


- Destroyed ship sails are now furled
- Spare wizards should no longer sneak out of the warehouse and back onto the ship.
- Dwarven fleet encounter sizes increased
- Areas of strong magic are now only visible to ships with a wizard
- Added F10 to take a screenshot in-game (Known issue: MSAA causes screenshots to be black on ‘Fantastic’ settings, workaround: use ‘Beautiful’, this will be fixed in later patch)
- Player’s ship wizard will now cast spells automatically, can be configured from the Crew menu in the map/captain’s cabin screen.
- Squigs now explode on death.
- Rat ogres will lead the charge if present on a skaven ship.
- Backing off from melee whilst pressing tab (change target) will now clear the lock and allow you to run away.
- Holding shift when controlling a character will allow you to run.
- Navigation tweaks
- Wizard towers with non-human occupants will show the correct name.
- Ports can no longer become plagued while the tutorial is still in progress.
- Flyer vs flyer close combats will take longer
thank you.I go in the game.Have you planning for futur release?
Lukin86: thank you.I go in the game.Have you planning for futur release?
Here is some of the extra stuff we have planned :)