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Lukin86: Game well optimized for my laptop not very good point for a slow alpha.

But this is the battle system which bothers me .No one ship which is very good (the same kind that assassin's creed iv). But Character in the collision.

Will there any sword fights because firearms is a plus but the sword must play a crucial role in type of game is during the collision.

The other problem is when one leaves the helm is automatically Degaine even if it is not in a battle.

It's not too realistic. You can also corrected her if possible in the final version. This is what bothers me most about the game for now.

One last small suggestion that is more .Introduction launch integrated option can subtitling.

If this game of naval battle I made a good impression for alpha. I will have other suggestions later when I have more advanced in the game (I did the tutorial).

tres honors for the map is the debut game with or lower left out the name of the place where one is like a movie.

Sorry for my English I have a little trouble with the language (I'm french).
eviltwinartworks: No problem, I think we will be talking sword fights as a few people have mentioned it.
I see what you mean about someone not taking the helm, we need someone to get there quicker.
Ahh yes subtitles for the intro will be good. Thanks for all the thoughts I will go through them with the team. (and your english is better than my french :)
Speaking of subtitles, will there ever be official translations for the game? :)

I also support the notion of subtitles as I am partially deaf and having subtitles helps out a lot in case a character has a strong accent :)
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