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ok went out on a naval defence mission:

first pirate defence mission in hartendorf or something on edged of empire docks..
i capture their 4 skull pirate flagship after a good fight no casulties just damage sent the captured pirate ship towards hargendorf, now i had only just 13 crew members (3 on boarded of captured ship)

then...freaking entire skaven fleet shows up and targets me! i take shelter amongst some rock outcrops

1 skaven bell tower (4skull ships)and at least 3 warp fire throwers ships VS 1 15 % damaged player ship (with level 4- 5 crew)

while their warp bell attacks.....freaking causing fires and stuff on board scary weapon almost always hits
and this is just the first wave.... with some effort manage to shoot 1 of the warp throwers boiler room of 1 enemy ship and managed to blow it up afterwards. managed to silence the bell of their main ship (due to damage)

but 1 of the other ships boardes me .("they have a cave troll") lol a rat ogre on my deck i make short work out of em with my magic sword.
i board their ship in return and sink it.

but then the other ships retraget me including the beell tower which has repaired the damage.

a critical volley saves the day as we sent the belll tower ship to the deep. ( 67% damage to my vessel and sails have lots of holes.

just one warp thorwer left i think.


second wave is 4 mins away another bell tower and 2 escort warp throwers maybe even 3 again.

i managed to barely sink the bell tower (after takening lots of damge) f

half crew dead ( level 4-5 crew)

and one i think 5 skull elite skaven ship the horned rat claw that showed up when everything was shot on my ship and i was making water lucly a imperial ship came and engaged the 5 skull skaven flagship (a standerd empire 3 skull ship vs a 5 skull with more then 50 skaven crew (rat ogres and stuff)
so i headed back instead of only got the bounty tokens as a reward for the skaven bit.