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Yes, thank you for the free game! This flash sale is great!
Looks like GOG is the only platform that gives you games for free.
Thank you GOG !
Thank you GOG, keep up the good work!
Thanks, very gracious, dear gog people! :)
Cool looking game.
So often, free means you get what you pay for... but not here. Always fair. Always generous. Many thanks GOG!
crazyt: Looks like GOG is the only platform that gives you games for free.
Thank you GOG !
Origin does this too regularly nowadays with EA's own games, you could get Dead Space and Battlefield 3 a few weeks back for free.
This was one of the games I was waiting to come out on flash sale. Free is better than really cheap so Thanks Frogwares / Focus Home Interactive and GOG!
Indeed, thank you GOG for giving this as a freebie.

Any chance this will be made available for the Mac anytime soon?

Will have to try it out on my wife's Windows laptop in the meantime.
What a nice surprise, thanks!
Good God it was free, since it sucks. Portal clone, and I hate Portal.
Merci GoG.com, je viens de le finir après l'avoir obtenu gratuitement. Une sacré bonne expérience, des puzzles costauds. Ctulhu rules!

Dzien Dobry.