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TrueRT: I do find this very distracting. Like, I know it's minor but by God I can't help myself. And there's no reason for it. Either have the opposites attract or DON'T HAVE ANY REFERENCES TO BLOODY MAGNETS AND CALL THIS ENERGY SOMETHING ELSE. Like, anything else, any made-up word would suffice because if it's your made-up stuff, it's your rules, but if you call it magnet, it has to work like a bloody magnet. At the very least call it "reverse magnet" or "anti-magnet" or something like that.
I think so that is why is called Magnet forces/energy, and not magnetic forces. However, there is a tip were truly say "magnetic forces".

P.d. I'm not english native, so maybe magnet is truly used for magnetic forces but I don' think so.
This bothered me at first as well, until I found out the reason. The devs know about the real world laws of magnetism. But in the game they deliberately made like poles attract for gameplay reasons. It's not immediately obvious, but if you think about it then there just aren't very many possible puzzles if opposite attract. If the game is meant to be a puzzle game, then like poles attracting is the only way. (Although maybe they should have called it something different so that it wasn't confused with normal magnetic fields.)

Check here for more info.
I'm with you, OP. I felt the same way too.