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Changelog for Update 1.5.25517 (added 20 December 2017):

* Fixed the black screen at game launch in some cases.
* Avoid beeing stuck when killing the slime queen during it's special cutscene.
* Avoid the player from falling during the Clovis fight cutscenes.
* Fixed the player from being able to bypass the Sky Temple in some cases.
* Fixed some occlusion problems in Mystral Woods.
* Upgraded to Unity 5.5.5.
YES! Thanks for this, particulary updating the Unity engine!
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Changelog for v1.6.26515 (added 26 July 2018):

Additions / Changes
* Added the Hardcore Mode, same as the Archmage Mode with permanent death.
* Added localization for the Japanese, Hungarian, Polish and Korean languages.
* Changed the video playback system to avoid jittering in some cases.
* Improved tutorials comprehension in the spell book.
* Revised the Chinese localization.

* Optimized every levels in the game to better support low hardwares.
* Optimized every spell particle systems to reduce lags.

* Fixed a crash preventing the game from launching with conflicting resolutions.
* Fixed various crashes when loading a new level.
* Fixed typos in many languages.

* Upgraded to Unity 5.6.6