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Hi, I just wanted to say it works fine under Wine 2.19. I haven't tested any other versions of Wine, and I am running Mint 18.2 64bit with kernel 4.13.8 installed.

I wish though that GOG would make a native port.
ylod111: I wish though that GOG would make a native port.
There is no way GOG can make a native port. They arent the developers of this game, they are just the publishers. GOG is just a platform that sell games just like a physical store in real life. Its up to the developers to make a native port. However I doubt they will since the game is 15 years old and they wont profit much from it. What they could do is pack the game in a Wine Wrapper.
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It works fine on OS X. But how can I get the Widescreen Fix working? Apart from moving the files into the Mafia folder, is there anything else to do?