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Someone played this game first , saw a lot of evolutions in gameplay mechanic, a lot of stuffs was added , but they missed few things that no longer exist like refuel the car, or stop to buy food ( useless stuffs ) , so this first youtuber decid made history missions out of timeline , that result in a repeat of the same . so after plays the game for fift minutes he have a verdict of entire game . after that , all players who try the game for the first time see all this obviously previously changes, and write a hate review about it.

A see a much better game that provide a lot of entertainment with a replay factor more interesting that last one , now you can made ilegal races (or not, you chose) you can scape from police jumping in the river and swinming, the gameplay are increased with many new ways to grap enemy , aiming system was perfect adapted for XONE controller , all the game remember me Metal Gear V , there is no way to say you like one and hate another . you don't want stealth ? ok , so breach the door , throw a graned , call your gang and open fire like second war ! Mafia 2 was a very good game , but i don't understand all this unfair review , yeah , de game have bugs , like another all others games , save game and closed and open again , your freezed mission go ahead without any problem , the only reason for all this maybe is the color skin of character , maybe if was an Italyan