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A couple of days ago me and friend VonEinberg finished a run of Mafia that we have collectively dubbed the "Mafia Detective Run". The ruleset is simple: you are only allowed to use the S&W Model 10 revolver and any melee + explosive weapons (grenades/molotovs) you can find. These rules can and must be followed throughout the entire game.

You can find the exact rules and a guide for this run on our Google Drive, but you'll have to look for the link under the Steam Mafia Discussions page (I'm not yet allowed to post any links here).

A decent video of ours exists on YouTube which showcases what kind of absolute madness this run represents, under the title "Mafia (2002) - Shooting the plane down with a pistol". We didn't originally record all of our gameplay (due to the run taking tens of hours), but we'll be releasing a complete attempt on video sometime soon™.

Point of this thread: We'd love to challenge the Mafia community here to join us in playing the game like this (or using similar weapons/ideas) and to help us improve the strategies (both glitchless and glitched), to add any technical data etc.

There is one glaring mistake in our guide when it comes to following this ruleset: Election Campaign. Our quick glance through the forums here and elsewhere didn't reveal how to beat the sniping sequence without actually using the sniper in question. Our rules require the S&W Model 10 to be used, but that definitely doesn't have the range. And leaving the prison without killing the politician seems impossible. So it'd be awesome if you shared any ideas you might have.

TL;DR: Want to run through the whole game only using the police revolver. Very much doable on every mission. But Election Campaign sniping seems impossible with this gun. Is there any way to kill the target without using the sniper?

-A copypasta of this thread also exists on Steam.-
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