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So I heard the PC version of Mafia III doesn't work on AMD Phenom II X4 CPU's because of Denuvo or something.

Does the version of Mafia III work on AMD Phenom II X4 CPU's?

If not can work with Hangar 13 to make the version of Mafia III work on AMD Phenon II X4 CPU's with comparability patches?

SQUARE-ENIX recently did this with the PC version of Final Fantasy XV it didn't work on AMD Phenom II CPU's, but released a comparability patch this month it seems.
Johnathanamz: Does the version of Mafia III work on AMD Phenom II X4 CPU's?
If you really want to discuss this with a GoG employee, best bet would be to contact them via the support ticket system.

Like most support forums, it's pretty much customer helping customer with little to no staff interaction.

Good luck
I don't believe Mafia 3 ever had Denuvo (the version here certainly wouldn't (shouldn't) have it).

What I can think might be the issue is if there's SSSE3 (not to be confused with SSE3 or PNI, which the Phenom does have) or SSE4.1/4.2 code paths used, with no fallback if they don't exist; the Phenom lacks both of those instruction sets.

I remember Metal Gear Solid 5 on launch and No Man's Sky on launch had that issue. I believe those games resolved the issue, and I'd assume they patched in SSE3 or lesser code paths to do so.

A little searching turned up the following Steam thread, which at last edit (EDIT9) didn't specify if it was resolved. Also, in the few patch notes I was able to find, there was no mention of Phenom.

WARNING: Mafia III DOES NOT work on Intel/AMD CPUs without SSE 4.1/4.2 support

edit: Apparently they did fix it in late December 2017? On the other hand, not much turns up in a search... So I don't, actually, rightly know whether they fixed it or not.
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Yes, it was patched.