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I'm quite interested by the game, but checking the system requirement, it says you need 380 GB of free space on the hard drive. Are they serious or do they mean 380 MB, because it's a huge amount of space!

My computer is pretty old, so if it's really 380 GB, there's no way I can get this game, which makes me a sad panda... :p
Haha, no...I think that's a huge mistake on their part. It's a small install and it runs really smoothly. :)
It's just a typo. My install of the game is 365MB.
I can also confirm that it's a small game and take up less than 1/2 a GB. It based on flash and will run just fine on even older computers without fancy 3D cards and fast CPU's.
This typo is fixed now :D Sorry about that and thank you for letting us know :D