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M.A.X Version History
1.04 Improved computer AI in single player modes. Fixed End-Turn Timer lock up.
1.03 Fixes Network disconnect bug and Video Card Conflicts with
Matrox Mystique and others.
1.02 Fixes Auto-Survey Crash (All Languages)
1.01 Fixes Auto-Save in German Version
1.00 Original Foreign Release
(1) System Requirements
(2) M.A.X. under Win95
(3) Keyboard Reference
(3a) Advanced Hotkeys
(3b) Additional Features
(1) System Requirements
- IBM PC compatible 486-66 or faster
- 8 MB RAM
- DOS 5.0 or later
- Microsoft compatible mouse
- Minimum 20 Megs Hard Drive Space for Minimum Installation
- Minimum 12 Megs Hard Drive Space free for Virtual Memory
- Pentium processor
- 16 MB RAM
- stereo 16-bit soundcard
- 20 Megs Hard Drive Space free for Virtual Memory
- Sound cards: Soundblaster Pro/16/AWE32/compatibles, ProAudio
Spectrum Plus/16/Studio, Gravis Ultrasound/Max.
(2) M.A.X. under Win95
M.A.X. will run under Win95, and may been installed Windows by using the
autorun feature. If your computer is set up to use the autorun feature,
simply insert the MAX CD into your CD drive, and the Max install program
will start automatically.
Multitasking, Screen Savers, or simply switching back to Windows while
M.A.X. is running can cause M.A.X. to lock up on some systems. It is
recommended that you exit M.A.X. before switching back into Windows if
you experience this problem. If you must switch back into Windows
while M.A.X. is running, be sure to pause the game first.
If you experience problems running any of the M.A.X. movies, check the
Windows 95 CD ROM settings. If these are not correct for your CD-ROM
the M.A.X. movies may skip or have other difficulties.
Your CD-ROM settings may be changed by clicking on the START button, selecting
SETTINGS, and then selecting CONTROL PANEL. From the Control Panel select
the SYSTEM icon. From the System Menu, select PERFORMANCE. Then click on
FILE SYSTEM Button. From the FILE SYSTEM select the CD Tab. Insure that
the information displayed on the CD Tab is correct for your system.
If you are experiencing any other problems running M.A.X. under Win95
(sound, netgame difficulties, etc.) try running M.A.X in DOS mode.
(3) Keyboard Reference
Following is the full keyboard command reference list for M.A.X.
D Activates the DONE button for the selected unit.
E Enter (used to Enter Depots, Hangars or Docks)
F Find Selected Unit. Currently selected unit will
be centered on screen.
-,+ Zoom In, Out
G Turns on Grid Display
F1 Centers on Tagged Unit
Arrow Keys: Scrolls the map
ALT-L Opens the Load Game Menu
ALT-S Opens the Save Game Menu
ALT-X Exits the Game to the Main Menu
ALT-F5, ALT-F6, ALT-F7, ALT-F8 Saves the current window position
F5, F6, F7, F8 Jumps to a previously saved window position
/,? Initiates HELP mode. The cursor changes to a question mark,
clicking on screen items will display help text.
ALT-C Saves a screen shot of the game in PCX format.
Shift Hold the Shift key while selecting units to create groups.
Space Bar, Enter or ESC cancels the self running demo.
ENTER End Turn
Shift-DONE Holding the shift key while clicking the DONE button on the
M.A.X. control panel will cause all units to execute any
outstanding orders.
Shift-Click Test Path. If you are unsure about the path a unit will take
when it is given a movement order, hold the SHIFT-KEY
down while you click the mouse to give the MOVE order.
The path the unit will take will then be displayed, but
the unit will not move. Simply release the SHIFT key and
click again if the path is satisfactory.
3a. Advanced Hot Keys
Many commands can be given using the 0-9 keys on your keyboard.
The function of these keys depend on the Unit that is currently
selected. For instance, hitting the 1 key will activate the BUILD
command when a Constructor is selected, but will issue the AUTO-SURVEY
command if a Surveyor is selected.
Hot keys for unit commands:
Press 1 (or the first letter of the word) for these functions:
...Buy Upgrade
...Place Mines
Press 2 (or the first letter of the word) for these functions:
Press 3 (or the first letter of the word) for these functions:
Press 4 (or the first letter of the word) for the Manual function.
Press 5 (or the first letter of the word) for these functions:
Press 6 (or the first letter of the word) for the Upgrade All function.
Press 7 (or the first letter of the word) for the Stop function.
Press 8 (or the first letter of the word) for the Sentry function.
Press 9 (or the first letter of the word) for the Done function.
Press 0 (or the first letter of the word) for the Remove function.
(3b) Additional Features
Shots Display: When the status button is clicked, units capable of
firing may display small icons of a bullet along their
path markers. These icons let you know how far the unit
can move and still be able to fire a shot. Some units, like
the Scout, can move all their movement for a turn and still
be able to fire. Others, like the Missile Crawler, lose
the ability to shoot in that turn if they move at all. Still
other units, like the Tank and Assault Gun, can move a short
distance and still be able to shoot in the same turn. The
Shots Display can be used to gauge your firepower when
advancing on the enemy.
Halt when
enemy sighted:
By default, units will automatically stop when
they see an enemy unit. This option can be changed in the
Auto Survey: An "AUTO" button has been added to the Surveyor Unit. When
Auto is On, the Surveyor will automatically search the map
for resources.
Alien Units: Alien Units are sometimes found in the Campaign and
Stand Alone Missions, and can optionally be added to
Custom Games if desired. When first found, Alien units
do not belong to any team, and must be captured by an
Infiltrator before they can be used.
Computer Opponent:
The settings for Computer Player level affects only the
intelligence and tactics of the computer opponent. In
all other respects, it is not a standard difficulty level
Hint: If you are having trouble winning a particular mission, look
beyond the more obvious tactics, or brute force attacks.
There may be a simple trick which will gain you the advantage
required to emerge victorious.
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What's this in aid of? Posting a readme doesn't tell me why.
Someone powerful enough to unstick it?
StasiuX: 1.04 Improved computer AI in single player modes. Fixed End-Turn Timer lock up.
I used to have this on retail. Now I have lost the CD and I am thinking of buying it from GOG.
However, even with patch 1.04, I kept getting the End-Turn Timer lock-up, something that ruined an *Amazing Strategy game* which I still think is *the TOP Strategy Game* that has ever been made(However, the PR and Management departments of the company sucked big time).

Can people verify that this problem has been fixed in the GoG's version? It used to lock up at some point near turn 150 or so, if I recall correctly.

This is the only thing that stops me from buying this *Legendary* game.

EDIT: Nevermind, just took a look at the rest of the forum....Not Fixed.
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