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About turn 150, I received the familiar error message we all tend to get eventually.
I then returned to desktop and reloaded the latest save, played the turn through and did not get the error message.
This time, before hitting the end turn button, I saved (B4EndTurn or however you choose to call it), hit the end turn btn., & when the new turn came around, saved it as "Backup", & played another round, saving at the end of the turn over the B4EndTurn save slot once again & hit the turn btn. When my turn once again came around, I saved that with a save called "B4Quit", & exited to desktop, reloaded "B4Quit" & carried on.
I continued with the above sequence until the AI, at turn 233, conceded defeat.
It seems that one can get by, through exiting back to desktop every 2 turns, without running into the error messages. By the time the first error messages begin to surface, it's not that inconvenient to exit to desktop every 2 turns since there's usually so much to deal with each turn anyway. (for all I know, maybe you can go for 3 or 4 turns)
I don't know diddly about computers & such, but I've heard that the problem with the game has to do with something about a memory leak. Maybe playing only 2 turns doesn't "overload" the memory thingy, & going back to desktop and reloading the game clears out/refreshes whatever culprit causes the error messages.
Anyway, it's there for you to try out, or not...
Greystone: About turn 150, I received the familiar error message we all tend to get eventually.
THe solution for problem with 150 turns in MAX is using dos32a instead of preinstalled in dosbox DOS4.

That way you can play without technical problems, also recommended using D-Fend Reloaded environment for DOSBox. tested and proved working.
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Additional things to change are to specify higher RAM value (64mb) in dosbox settings.
Also, simultaneous turns may work better in larger games than standard turn-based.

And, of-course, save frequently.
Reloading in case of crash reoptimises RAM usage for a few turns.