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ok im a throw this out there cus most of the old school max players dont know about this but back in 2006 a group of EU players made a new modern game eng for M.A.X. known as MAX Reloaded

now it has a downside which is no bot support but other then that its superior then the old max eng when it come to game stability ie no freezing after 150+ turns and it has modern Netcode and TCP/IP connection support, also this game eng is made to work with all OS's its not a dos Ver that needs dosbox to be played, has HD support IE 1080 res and made to work with wide screens so yeh its superior in every way other then the fact it has no bot support

now max reloaded is free but you need too own max in order to get all the game assets, the game isnt freeware yet but if you own the steam ver or even GOG's you can use the file extractor that comes with max reloaded and get the asset files from the GOG/steam/original game disk

Post edited November 24, 2019 by johnyboy420