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M.A.X is different. Not like any other strategy games or turn based strategy games. You need to calculate everything. Find good mining spots, defend them i feed them with energy and always support your army with ammo trucks. Especially MAX1 is better ( and harder) than max2. Its atmosphere and sceniaro is delicious. Ideas are different. For example; Training Infantry is harder than making a tank. becouse you need to make some Ecospheres. oh dont u know what is it? so buy and play max ;)
I beta tested MAX2 and bought both 1 and 2 but I prefer 2. I enjoy real time and not turned based. I play MAX2 periodically but not much anymore. Interplay did rush MAX2 out to soon. We had just been given the multiplayer portion when the game went for sale in stores. They release a few patches and I never had issues with the game crashing but most others did.