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My Ratpouch doesn't follow me. He keeps exiting and reappearing through the entryway that leads to and from the sewerage. I’m right where I need him to unlock a door (why can’t Dermiot do it, I don’t know).

Is there something I can do without restarting the game ?

You could try giving him command to go and unlock the door in the sewer entrance screen. As long as you tell him where to go it doesn't matter in which screen you are when you give him the orders.

If I remember correctly he occasionally has tendency to get stuck in the exit of the sewer entrance screen. If you can't talk to him, because there isn't enough room. Just go standing next to wall and Ratpouch usually eventually manages to walk in the middle of the screen, where you can talk to him.
Post edited March 05, 2013 by OlausPetrus