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I get very disapointed. I like Bass so I try this one but I find it empty. No humor and the quests are non-sence compare to bass. I use the walktrought a bit because I was too annoyed by some parts of the game.
I not recommand.
Yeah, I can imagine being amazed by it when it came out, mainly because I'd have been about 10 or so, but it lacks the finesse of a proper P&C and lacks the scope of a proper WRPG, so it's this weird hybrid, or "lobrid", more accurately. To be honest, I had almost the same thing playing BASS after playing BS1 and 2 all those years ago and again recently. It still seems cool, but kind of sloppy here and there and lacking the charm and character of BS. Still, nowhere near the drop of going from BASS to LotT.