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I read the similar topic to this, and changing "aspect ratio" to false in the .ini file did fix the left/right problem, but mine runs a little high as well. The top of the screen (maybe 1/5) is cut off.

"Beneath Steel Sky" and "Lure" both do this (far left and a bit up), and "teen agent" is just a bit up.

I've already tried changing "fullscreen" to false but windowed mode sucks. My window appears near the upper left corner of my tv. I really want to play these fullscreen.

Really hoping someone else has had this problem, I'm dying to play these games.

EDIT: Well, I'm an idiot. Figured it out. Tv settings ......
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These are both DOSBox games and I have noticed in the GOG DOSBox games that I have that by changing the rendering mode the position of the game screen changes, so you could always try altering that to see if you get any better results, though this may just be something to note down for future reference as you appear to have found a solution of your own. :)