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This game really scratches my Roman history/gladiator classes itch. It's got Vestal Virgin "clerics!"

Problem is, it's so easy to roll really strong characters/stat changes make a pretty dramatic difference. So whatever class I pick (there's 10), it's like there's really only three or four because I hardly ever need to use skills, and it takes quite a while to get a fistful of them. Which stats are dump stats or ordinary makes a difference... I notice it but it makes the character amusing, not crippled. A fair number of classes look like early powerhouses (Mumillo) and others like late bloomers (the dual wielding Dimachaerus).

Oh, I like squashing the monsters, though. Dear, me I really do. The developer did the aesthetics and sounds part right.

I think I'll restart with just a bit more difficulty level and see how I like it.