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v0.91.55 Patch Notes - Italian Translation
Added Italian localization ( Thank Gruppo T.i.g.e.r.: Dark Legend, Chantalion, The Ripper )

Gruppo T.i.g.e.r. is a well known group of Italian amateur translators in the Italian community.

Italian Translation Project Completed by this group:
- Pathfinder: Kingmaker
- Atom RPG ( officialized by developer )
- Divinity Original Sin 2 ( officialized by developer )
- Divinity: Dragon Commander
- Balrum
- Willy-Nilly Knight
- Bomber Crew ( all DLC )
- Low Magic Age ( officialized by developer )

Armor Class Increases:
As a character's level increases, the character's Armor Class gains a corresponding level bonus.

Similar to average BAB, before 20th level, this level bonus is equal to 3/4 character level; after 20th level, +1 level bonus every odd-numbered level.

When Attack Bonus Increases is changed to character level / 2, this level bonus also changes to character level / 2.

Adjusted Power Attack:
Trade extra melee attack bonus for damage.

If your melee attack bonus is higher than your opponent's AC, redundant part automatically converts to damage bonus (up to your base attack bonus).

If you attack with a two-handed weapon, or with a one-handed weapon wielded in two hands, or with sole primary natural weapon, this damage bonus is doubled. However, this damage bonus doesn’t apply to light weapons (except unarmed attacks or natural weapons).

Power Attack, Deadly Aim: No longer add one time damage per 10 character levels

Adjusted Enchantments:
Adjusted extra damage dice increase of weapon enchantments: add one time per magic bonus -> add one time per 2 magic bonuses (at odd numbers, e.g. +3, +5...)
Reduced rate of alignment enchantments
Optimized enchantments display order and magic item name

New Optional House Rules:
A weapon has up to one extra damage dice enchantment
Remove alignment enchantments
Invariable damage increases by one time per 10 character levels

Favored Enemy: increase damage bonus by 1 time per 10 levels (unchecked by default)
Increased initial modifications of house rules: 2 -> 10
(+4 modifications of House Rules for old saves)

Removed Greater Rapid Shot
Optimized Damage Reduction text on character panel
Optimized loading speed and disk space usage of fonts
Fixed: bugs of summoned creatures resurrecting, overlapping positions and disrupting Time Stop
Fixed: grappling bug of multiple summons
Fixed: 3 less rounds of Rage
Fixed: party name bug of quick create party in arena
Fixed: stats of substitute characters sometimes not updated

Next, we'll work on (rough list):
Some prestige classes (details TBD), new player races (Bugbear, Lizard Scion, Gnoll), more feats and spells, etc.

Note: If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to leave them in this announcement or send to (attach your saves if necessary: game folder/saves).
lliihhaaoo: Next, we'll work on (rough list):
Some prestige classes (details TBD)
I am very happy to see that some prestige classes will be added!
More options available make the game more fun and more re-playable.
I love this game!