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v0.91.45 Patch Notes
New Races: Drow (Dark Elf) and Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk's Natural Weapons:
Natural weapons are weapons that are physically a part of a creature.

Making a melee attack with a natural weapon is considered armed and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

When a creature has multiple natural weapons, one of them is the primary weapon and all the others are secondary (–5 penalty on attack rolls).

When unarmed, the melee primary natural weapon automatically replaces the unarmed attack.

Secondary natural weapons may provide additional attacks on full attacks or in certain special situations. For example, even holding a longbow, a lizardfolk can still make melee attacks with its bite.

See Encyclopedia: Equipment - Natural Weapons for details.

Lizardfolk's Racial Hit Dice:
Some powerful races are more special. These races have 2 or more racial Hit Dice.

The effective character level of a character of these races = racial Hit Dice + class levels + level adjustment.

The racial Hit Dice can be considered a “monster class” similar to normal player classes. Effectively, the character will become a multiclass character when he takes class levels. A character's “monster class” is always a favored class, and he never takes XP penalties for having it.

So his actual character level = racial Hit Dice + class levels, which determines other stats, such as hit points, skill points, gaining feats, etc.

Furthermore, he does not get a feat and four times skill points for his first class level as members of the common races do. Instead, he has already received the equivalent bonuses for his first racial Hit Die.

He can start with no class levels, i.e. choosing no class for a lower starting level. He can gain them later.

Adjustments Related to Spell Resistance Rules:
Adjusted spell resistance mechanism: from integration to saving throws to independent caster level check against spell resistance
Spell resistances provided by related abilities don't stack
Spell resistance of elite/solo monsters increases with level
New racial trait of drow monsters: Have spell resistance equal to 11 + class levels
Removed fixed spell resistance 10 of Drow Priestess and Drow Mistress
Removed fixed spell resistance 5 of other drow monsters and orog monsters
Reduced Greater Spell Penetration bonus: 5 -> 4
Fixed: Balance issue of the spell Spell Resistance and Monk's Diamond Soul at high levels
Modified descriptions of spell resistance, spell penetration and related feats
Encyclopedia: Added spell resistance chapter
Added spell resistance entry to spell descriptions
Spell resistance applies to most spells and spell-like abilities, except following:
- Grease
- Sum
- Mage Armor
- Acid Arrow
- Animate Dead
- Dispel
- Acid Fog
- Fire Cloud
- Consecrate
- Stinking Cloud
- Dancing Lights
- Daylight
- Darkness
- Detect Evil
Spell resistance is also considered ineffective against spells that target only yourself or are harmless

Drow Monsters Related Adjustments:
Changed Drow Toxin to Poison
Optional house rule: Reduce unconscious duration of drow's Poison: 10 -> 1
Fixed: Too high success rate of monster abilities Use Poison and Poison at high levels (related monsters: Greenscale Hunter, Gnoll Hunter, Wererat Crossbowman, Drow)
Added Racial Weapon Proficiency: Drow
And above spell resistance related adjustments
(+2 modifications of House Rules for old saves)

New Character Avatars:
Added 40 new character avatars (for Human, Elf, Half-elf, Drow, Drow Half-Elf, Dwarf)
Optimized some character avatars

Optimized threaten area related rules such as Flanking and Attack of Opportunity, consider “armed” unarmed attacks and non-handheld natural weapons, etc.
No cool-down for spell-like abilities in Spell Slots mode
Reduced trolls' regeneration: 10 -> 5
Dwarf monks will appear among tavern adventurers
Fixed: Powerful race characters cannot level up to max in adventure mode
Fixed: Character stats are not updated after upgrading equipment with Craft
Fixed: Dwarf's Magic Resistance also works on beneficial spells

Optimized Create/Level Up Character UI
Optimized race descriptions
Optimized action descriptions
Completed some item descriptions
Optimized some other text
Fixed: No prompt effects for touch attack misses
Fixed: No prompt effects for misses caused by shadowy illumination, etc.
Fixed: Some text missing in Craft UI
are Drow (Dark Elf) evil and do you plan to make them fight with their [good] Elf party members?
ussnorway: are Drow (Dark Elf) evil and do you plan to make them fight with their [good] Elf party members?
Although usually drow are evil, a select few forsake their race's depraved and nihilistic society to walk a heroic path (and became you, a player character, such as Drizzt Do'Urden ;)

Interactions between party members due to alignments or other factors will be considered in future.
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