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v0.91.42 Patch Notes
10 New Spells:

Iron Body
This spell transforms your body into living iron, which grants you several powerful resistances and abilities.

You gain:
- Damage reduction 1/adamantine per caster level.
- Immunity to critical hits, electricity, poison, ability score damage, stunning, blindness, deafness, disease, and all spells or attacks that affect your physiology or respiration.
- Take only half damage from acid and fire of all kinds.
- +6 enhancement bonus to Str, -6 penalty to Dex (min. 1).
- Considered armed when making unarmed attacks and deal 1d6 damage (1d4 for Small characters).

But meanwhile you suffer:
- Half speed.
- Arcane spell failure chance of 50%, -8 armor check penalty.
- Special attacks that affect iron golems affect you, too.
- Can't use potions.

Mind Fog
Mind fog produces a bank of thin mist that weakens the mental resistance of those caught in it.

Creatures in the mind fog take a -10 competence penalty on Wis checks and Will saves. A creature that successfully saves against the fog is not affected and need not make further saves.

Affected creatures take the penalty as long as they remain in the fog and for 2d6 rounds thereafter.

The fog is thin and does not significantly hamper vision.

Mind Blank
The subject is protected from all mind-affecting spells and effects.

Bestow Curse
You place a curse on the subject.

Choose one of the following effects:
* -6 decrease to an ability score (min. 1).
* -4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks.
* Each turn, the target has a 50% chance to act normally; otherwise, it takes no action.

Remove Curse
Remove curse instantaneously removes all curses on a creature.

Ghoul Touch
Imbuing you with negative energy, this spell allows you to paralyze a single living humanoid for the duration of the spell with a successful melee touch attack.

Additionally, the paralyzed subject exudes a carrion stench that causes all living creatures (except you) in a 10-foot-radius spread to become sickened (Fortitude negates). A neutralize poison spell removes the effect from a sickened creature, and creatures immune to poison are unaffected by the stench.

Remove Paralysis
You can free one or more creatures from the effects of any temporary paralysis or related magic, including a ghoul's touch or a slow spell.

If the spell is cast on one creature, the paralysis is negated.

If cast on two creatures, each receives another save with a +4 resistance bonus against the effect that afflicts it.

If cast on three or four creatures, each receives another save with a +2 resistance bonus.

Flesh to Stone
The subject, along with all its carried gear, turns into a mindless, inert statue.

If the statue resulting from this spell is broken or damaged, the subject (if ever returned to its original state) has similar damage or deformities.

Only creatures made of flesh are affected by this spell.

Stone to Flesh
This spell restores a petrified creature to its normal state. The creature must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to survive the process.

Neutralize Poison
Detoxify any sort of venom in the creature touched. The target suffers no additional effects from the poison, and any temporary effects are ended.

The target is immune to any poison during the duration of the spell. It need not make any saves against poison effects applied to it.

The spell does not reverse instantaneous effects, such as hit point damage, temporary ability damage, or effects that don't go away on their own.

Show class list and XP in tip of character level
Fixed: Some new races do not appear in taverns
Fixed: Materials in bank not consumed after craft and save/load game
Fixed: Bugs of pending race/class tip on Create Character UI

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder/saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.