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Dear all, we have uploaded the new version 0.72 to the servers, and it is ready for download! Please read the patch notes for further details about what we have included:


Mouse support
The game now supports mouse controls: now you can play with Mouse + Keyboard. You can control with your mouse every part of the interface (inventory, shops, game menus), as well as attack and throw objects in 360º.

The Help window now doesn’t open up when you press down the right Thumbstick.

Now to throw explosives: hold the left trigger and a cursor will appear. Choose the direction where you want to throw the explosive with the right Thumbstick and release the left trigger when ready to throw. You can still run and dodge will aiming.

We have changed the default keys for several actions. Please check Controls in the Options menu for further details.


* Old mansion: We have included new mini-events in the Old mansion.
* Hospital: We have included new mini-events, as well as the storyline main quest.
Laboratory: We have included this new location as a sub-level of the hospital.
* Countryside Pogost: We have included new mini-events, and also the storyline main quest. We have included new creatures, and we have changed the mechanics of the miniboss. Now this dark cemetery should be a challenge as well, even for the most skilled investigators!
* Crypt: We have included this new location as a sub-level of the Countryside Pogost.
* Old Mines: We have included new mini-events.
* Expedition to Anctartica: We have included new mini-events.


Balance of the locations
We have improved the balance of every level in the game. This is still not the final balance, because with the new Mouse support, we need to check how hard the game is now for you, so your feedback is more important than ever!

* Mansion: We have decreased the difficulty of this level. It is still very challenging but “fair”. Now you won’t get those impossible situations on the very first rooms.
* Hospital: We have increased the difficulty and changed the behavior of some enemies. The hospital should be now as challenging as the mansion, in terms of difficulty.
* Countryside Pogost: We have included new enemies. We have changed the mechanic of the miniboss. Now should be more challenging than before.
* Old Mines: We have included new enemies. We have improved the AI of the enemies, now they shouldn’t get stuck that often on the elements of the scenario.
* Expedition to Anctartica: We have included changes on the behavior of the enemies. Now they will do melee attack as well as ranged.

General balance
* We have increased the prices in the shops to minimize the difference between the amount of money and info that the player finds in the game, and the basic costs of the items.
* The shops will appear more frequently.


* Fixed the issue where the tutorial guide didn’t show the right gamepad buttons.
* Fixed the issue where the character appeared over the doors in certain rooms.
* Fixed the issue where you could push the corpse of the Gugs in the Old Mines.
* Fixed several clipping issues where objects were in illogical positions.
* Fixed the issue where, with the parasite status, the character had too much life regeneration.
* Fixed the issue in the Countryside Pogost where some doors could be blocked by elements of the scenario.


The new Mouse support is a huge leap forward in our game, as well as a huge change for the gameplay. In the next days we will carefully read your opinions and comments to see how this, and the improvements in balance, affect the gameplay and the control feelings.

Please, send us your comments, critics and opinions. Do you find more interesting the locations with the additions of content and changes? How hard was for you guys to complete the new quests? Do you feel that the game improves?

Thank you for your support!

The devs