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Changelog for Update 0.84g (added 09 November 2018):

Dear investigators, the version 0.84g comes with new content fully based on the third playable character, the Witch, as well as fixes and improvements. Here we go!

-Witch's quest line introduced: We have included the first 5 locations of the Witch's quest line. There are still some more levels to add, things to complete and upgrade on the locations implemented, and the fight against the third Great Old One, in a coming patch.-Changes on the Witch's skills:-- Teleportation: One of the main skills of the Witch. Uses energy and teleports the Witch on the direction of the mouse cursor, out of the danger. Spam this skill and it will keep you alive. The Witch is a Glass Cannon with a huge DPS but very low HP.-- Explosive bones: Remember all those useless bones that you found with other characters? Well, the Witch can give them very good use, making magic explosive devices out of them. They work as the Detective's grenades.-- Ice barrier: Very good to defend yourself and kill the enemies in close range.-Added new basic items: Chocolate & Bandages. The Chocolate will slightly increase your sanity. The bandages will cure the bleeding effect.-Added new mythos items: We have added plenty of new and powerful consumibles. Try them out!-The doctor's bag now also cures bleeding effect.-New sound effects added.

Of course, each time that we include new content, it comes with bugs. We have identified several that we will solve in a coming hotfix:

* The basic attack of the Witch has a smaller range than the actual animation shows. It will be increased as it should.
* Upon using the Ice barrier, the Witch does a small jump to the right & down. This is not intended.
* If you press to throw a explosive bone, and you don't have any, the Witch casts Fire barrier. This is not intended.
* In rare cases, when you use an Ankh to resurrect, the shadow of the playable character appears to the left of the character, instead of under.
* In the level Shores of Hali there are several graphic issues, like doors with no exit, doors showing in half, and a shop icon showing in the map but not appearing in the room. All of them will be fixed.
* We have eliminated many grammar and punctuation issues in the text of the game.
* No weapons implemented: The Witch has no weapons yet implemented in the game. They will be in a coming patch.
* Some quest elements may not show in the minimap with the ! exclamation mark icon.
* You can use the bandages, even if you are not bleeding, and they will heal you a bit. This use is not intended.
* The sound effect of thunder in places with rain repeats itself too much.
* Issues in the text. They will be fixed in the future hotfix.
* Balance: The balance of the Witch needs to be improved, here you can help us with your comments. If you find rooms or levels too easy or too hard, tell us. This is by nature a very delicate character so keep that in mind. You cannot tank the enemies.

There are plenty of smaller details, fixes and upgrades that we have added in this version, but listing all of them would take us the whole night :) Still, you will feel the game much more solid in this version. Play the Witch, and please share with us your thoughts and comments.

Thanks a lot for your support!

The devs
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Changelog for Update 1.15 (added 22 February 2019):

Dear investigators, We have uploaded the new version 1.15. These are the fixes and improvements included:
Interface improved:

* We have added a keychain to the character's interface for the keys. That means more space for basic items.
* We have personalized the inventory of each playable character.
* Now it is possible to sort the items of the storage by type of item for a more convenient management of the inventory.
* New icons that show the slot of the items (Head, Body, Legs, amulet, weapon, etc...)

General improvements:
* New sound effects: We have added plenty of sound effects to the monsters and creatures.
* Quest fixed: We have fixed the issue with the zombie quest in the Detective's hospital. Now the zombie won´t disappear if you die and restart the level.
* Resolutions on wide-screen: Now the game should be seen properly over non-standard resolutions.
* We have completed the balance for the Professor.
* We have added new animations in the jungle-based levels.
* Fixes to many small bugs that affected the overall experience.

What is coming on future updates?
* Final balance of the Witch.
* Final balance of the Thief.
* Final balance of the Ghoul.
* New music tracks.

Please continue sharing with us your thoughts and opinions. Together we´ll make of Lovecraft's Untold Stories, the game that we all expect and desire.

Note: Previous changelog/patch notes have been posted by the devs as individual threads in the game forum.
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Changelog for Update 1.213 (added 07 May 2019):

* The MAC version is available from this patch on and includes every update included in the PC version. Good news for the Apple guys!

Note: Previous changelog/patch notes have been posted by the devs as individual threads in the game forum.
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Changelog for Update 1.3g (07 June 2019) posted by the devs here.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Update 1.31g (added 09 August 2019):

Dear investigators,

We have uploaded the new version 1.31. In it, we have fixed several bugs, and we have improved the balance of the Professor, as he seemed to be the most problematic character of all five:

- We have fixed an issue with a text in German appearing on the description of the first level, for players playing in English.
- We have fixed the issue on which the weapons didn´t work when you dragged them from the inventory of the Storage to the player's inventory.
- We have fixed the issue that slowed down the inventory of the Strange place when it contained a lot of items.
- We have fixed a problem with the minimap.
- We have fixed an issue with several mini-events which didn´t count for the achievements.
- We have fixed the issue that didn´t let you access to the Secret level when you restarted the Strange place location.
- Professor: We have increased the damage of the weapons (not the basic one).
- Professor: We have increased the damage of the mines.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Please, send us your comments, opinions, ideas... We will be happy to read them!

The Devs

Standalone installers updated: 12 August 2019.