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Lyranaar: Sorry for the late reply. I have added you as friend and have you in the friends list.
Heh, well now it's my turn to be late to the party. If you do have the code, I would love to take a peek. I think releasing it as is would be fine, but if you don't want to I'd still find a ton of value in looking at the values and config data to help me avoid duplicating that work.

Depending upon the language and state of the code, I might be able to pitch in a bit as well. But either way, getting a [peek under the hood would be quite helpful to me, and would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there!
Could you please add the options "Export as Bitmap / Import from Bitmap" for the Minimap Image?

The background color (color index 0) should be distinguishable from the other colors.
In the original palette (BASE01.256) there are 3 occurences of #000000.
herbert3000: @Lyranaar:
Hi there!
Could you please add the options "Export as Bitmap / Import from Bitmap" for the Minimap Image?
I'll forward your request, but I cannot make any promises.
Sadly I have no time frame for any update. While there is not tons todo to release a new version, it*s still quite some bit to do. With other stuff around there is no timeframe when there is a new version. I still would like to release what we have, but we'll see. As I'm not the coder I have no clue if your request is easy or more work to implement.
When the new stuff is out, there could be possible more features.
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There is an editor called "Tiled" ( that is open source and extendable. Import and export can be extended with either javascript or python, or compiled in using C++. I would imagine that could make it easier since you don't have to do the engine/UI and can just make sure the compatibility works. Would it be of value to convert your work to use that engine?
went back to good old LotR2 and started learning how to use the editor and having a great time creating my own maps.

my main questions: is it possible to save the map so it is not rotated 45 degrees when actually playing it in the game?

is it possible to view the editor map the same as the actual mini map you work with? for me it would sure be easier to work with the editor in the same direction.

All I know about graphic editing is trial and error.

next question: is there a way to edit the shields of choice that are in the game?

while I'm asking, would love to edit the look of units as well.

would be nice to create ancient era units.

I get bored at times playing the new grand strategy games I have now. they take way more powerful graphics cards as well as having to have a pc to play them.....that's what I love about LotR2.....I can play it on my lesser pc that doesn't have all the high end stuff in it (my old win 10 pc).

would appreciate any help with the editor and again thanks for having it available.