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There is one area what looks to be reachable somehow but so far I did not manage to reach it.
It is the place with the rat and "dead" minihat man above the two burning cauldrons. This mini room is just next to the room where you get by mini elevator.

Anyone manage to reach that area?
I tried several times to make the jump, but I just didn't manage... apparently, though (looking at the stats after finishing the game) that Nome should be reached to get a full completion stat. I'll try in my next playthrough :P
Can you link video or a screenshot?
@cNephilim88: I've tried using the venilator too, but it did not work ;O Seems it's just area for curious players ;)

@African_wildlife: Sure can do, once I will get there ;)

Well game doesn't support windows PrintScreen and I am lazy to install any external program for that ;O
When you get to the room above the meat grinder / sausage maker, on the right side is a small hole that will get you to smaller room with the lantern. If you jump on the crate and then on the higher one, move/look up you should see most probably dead Nome and rat next to him.
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I have not found a way to reach that area, but there are 3 only Nomes in the kitchen that you need to reach, and the one up there isn't one of them. There were a few other areas in the game that seemed like you could just reach them but there was always an invisible barrier in the way, I think such areas may be just for the setting.
Agree, seems it's just to tease players ;)

Btw, has anyone found the shortcut to "table mini game" in chapter 4? At the beginning of the table there is a little stool and two sausages hanging from the table, you can jump on them and swing-jump on another stool. Not sure if you need to get very specific angle to climp that 2nd stool or its just another "tease" for players.
after spending half an hr trying to get to that poor lil gnome (he looks dead doesnt he?) I read several walk thrus and none of them mentioned that it was an accessible area, i tend to believe them as they list all of the games achievements :)