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Hi everyone,

We've uploaded the latest patch (PC) and installer (MAC) for Lilly Looking Through. This will bring your game up to version 1.1.50.


==Lilly Looking Through Update 1.1.50 Release Notes==
This is mostly a tech update that has a number of fixes that should make
Lilly Looking Through run on more machines and has more technical options.

+ Added a 1280x720 view in full screen option. This should allow more
people to run in full screen mode. There are several ways to get into
this mode
- The full screen/windowed mode button on the main screen will now
switch through complete full screen, 1280x720 full screen and windowed mode.
- You can hit control-s when not in windowed mode. If nothing
happens click on the screen and hot control-s again.
- On screen resolutions greater than 1920x1080, it will switch to
this mode. It can be overridden by changing the screen mode in game.
+ Pause 3D rendering while the intro movie and the option screen is
+ Added Quality settings of High, Medium, Low and Lowest. You can
change the setting by click on the “Quality=“ text on the options screen.
+ Added software mode for those graphics chip sets that are not
supported by 3D hardware mode. Also, added option to run in hardware
constrained mode for these graphics chip sets.
+ Fixed in option screen languages
+ Fixed a small bugs when hitting the goggles button at an inopportune
+ Fixed on option screen, languages, from “noruego” to “norsk”

Thanks and have a nice day :)