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So I managed to go through the steps to solve the puzzle box all the way up to the part where you're supposed to enter in the shape code into the cylinder at the center

However, when I enter in the code I get ... nothing. No click, no unlock. It just sits there. At first I thought this was a randomized code, since I forgot to write the code down the first time, and just had load up an earlier save to nab it. I went ahead and checked an on-line guide, to see if that was true. That wasn't it.


To try and be more detailed about where I'm at in the game, I would say I'm not that far, actually. I got into the tower in the parallel universe right after you activate Krick's portal, and grabbed the medallion from the corpse in the living quarters. From there, I managed to return in time before the portal closed, so I could return to Earth. All of this happens before you even touch the submarine, so it's that early.

I'm wondering if you have to progress further before it actually unlocks, as if it's event based right at the very end. That doesn't honestly make sense, since everything else has been achievable unless there's a hard line of "you don't have that item/key".

If it isn't event based, then it's a weird bug that never got fixed? I wouldn't be surprised, just irritated because something like that might just break your game save...
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It's over a year old - but in case anyone gets stuck (I am currently playing it) - as stupid as it is - you don't enter the symbols you got first.

No. Do all of the same symbol (I think it can change per game). But eventually when you do all circles, all squares, whatever - one of them will click. Do this three times (I think?) before you enter the symbols you actually got.