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I finished what was probably close to as good as it gets of a walkthrough. Nobody died that didn't have to I think: only Nathan, Veronica(?) in one timeline, and obviously Chloe in the last choice. Max was buddies with the dealer, his dog and everyone else, first saved Chloe's father than rewind. I don't care for 100% or all of the optional photos, I just wondered if the story would become noticably different with other minor choices: stealing the handicap fund, leaving traces when snooping, siding with the step-douche instead of Chloe (and not getting him thrown out), etc. Of course, the 'erase all previous choices' ending makes striving for better resolution of previous choices somewhat moot.
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Yes, some people and or the environment will react differently depending on your choices. But likely not every single one of them.

If you want to see a list of all, there is a page dedicated to choices and consequences on the LIS fandom.
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polysquirrel: I just wondered if the story would become noticably different with other minor choices
It's not that you'd get a whole new plot, nope. But the differences and the environent's reactions are in general interesting, so I've had two playthroughs so far and I'll likely come back for more. If you enjoyed browsing through the optional stuff which the game is in fact filled to brim with (Max's diary, non-plot items, optional photos, moments of calm etc.), you'll also enjoy playing the altered scenes (and, possibly, some which you had not seen previously at all).
Thanks all. The problem is, I probably would feel uncomfortable making different decisions from what I thought was right - the game is too emotioinal. In some RPGs there is a wider spectrum of reactions, allowing incorporating various personalities without altering much one's stance on morality, and, of course, there is an actual game which warrants replying. So I might watch the other playthough on YT or something. I may replay Before the Storm, because I feel like I betrayed myself with my final decision though.