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The achievement Hacker (Solve all the minigames within 90 seconds) is most definitely broken. I tried it multiple times and it doesn't work. It can even be pretty easily verified if the requirements have been met, as the game sets a byte in minigames.ppg (created after doing any hack quickly enough, I think) between 0xBA - 0xC1 to 1 for each hack done within 90 seconds, else it stays at 0. 0xBC (first hack in issue 02) doesn't count according to Steam, only the other 7 are tracked.

I tried it on the game versions:
1.16 from 2020-11-30 (current)
1.15 from 2020-08-07
1.03 from 2020-07-31
1.02 from 2020-07-30

I also tried to leave each of the hacks and do it after I already solved the others quickly enough. Just to test if it works by doing a specific hack last. From what I read, the order doesn't matter and you can redo hacks after completing the game by replaying the containing issues. No dice.

All other achievements work, but the game sometimes softlocks when trying to turn pages (especially at the end of issues, preventing the achievements for completing them). It's usually enough to "continue" on the affected issues a couple of times until it works. Also, I had to watch the cutscene for getting the shotgun multiple times until Boomstick triggered.