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drakkar123: I made the unfortunate mistake of buying Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded from GOG, quite a while back, before realizing that GOG does not even have the Linux version of this game, just as they do not have MANY other games that already have native Linux versions available elsewhere. It really does not make a lot of sense, since the native Linux version has been available from the developer for a very long time now and can be purchased from other stores. I figured eventually GOG would add the Linux versions, of the MANY games that they do not have. Yet I have been waiting for a very long time now, and this game, along with many other Linux games, are still missing from GOG. I would really like to know if GOG will ever get the Linux version of this game, as well as many other missing Linux games? Or at least, if someone at least knows why the Linux version isn't available from GOG? Besides the obvious answer, that they just don't care that much about Linux.
Hello drakkar1!

I am sorry to hear that this situation frustrates you so much - since I'm a Linux gaming fan myself, it's obviously understandable for me. Not sure if you knew, but there are numerous reasons why some Linux versions of the games we sell on GOG are missing from our offer. Some of the most popular are:

- very commonly, legal/licensing reasons
- technical problems with the builds sent us by publishers (e.g. unsatisfactory performance, gamebreaking bugs or even in some cases DRM)
- willingness from publisher's side to release the Linux build on GOG
- in rare cases, unavailability of Galaxy features on Linux platform

Please remember that in almost every case it is up to publisher, not us, to release a game and its updates (including these introducing new platform support) on GOG.

Keep in mind that I'm not talking here about Larry Reloaded specifically (as I can't disclose any details regarding certain games) but Linux versions not present on GOG in general.

I hope that after learning this you will look upon us more kindly and forgive us the inconveniences related with using our service. I assure you that people who care about Linux gaming well-being are the healthy part of GOG staff :)
Bluddy: linuxvangog, thanks for responding. I'm curious about getting more Windows games on Wine for OSX and Linux. It seems like there was a push for it a while back, and now it's just languishing. Does this have to do with publishers as well, or is GOG just too busy with other things?
A bit of both, to be honest. Plus there was not that much demand for Wine wrappers on Linux. It's a subject that we might revisit in the future, but no wrappers are worked on currently.

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