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I've looked at the code several times to make sure what I've written down is correct, yet when I use the keypad beside the studio door and enter the code, the door does not unlock for me. Is anyone else having this issue or am I just bugged? I've restored my game several times and made sure I've looked at the stickum code all to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
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I've got the same problem too. Was starting to think I was going crazy, but it's just not working for whatever reason
To anyone in the future looking for help in this matter:

1. My personal hang up in this part was that I had the right code, but I kept trying the only door I could see "Studio B".
The correct door "Control Room B" is past the fountain to the right.

2. Write down anything and everything that could involve phones or keypads, some of them only show up once. The K-RAP desk code in particular is random everytime you see it. Use Notepad.exe, your phone's contact list, pen and paper, or charcoal on a 2-by-4. Whatever it takes, write it down.

3. Remember the obligatory Golden Rule of adventure games: "Save Early, Save Often"

Good luck adventuring!
Sorry to resurrect this necro-post but I seem to recall this puzzle being randomized every time you play. If you restarted your game or are reading the code in a walkthrough it will not work - you need to have gotten the code on your own.