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Hi guys,

We have uploaded patch 2.1 for the PC version of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded. Please check your game shelves for the universal update link just under your main installer. Edit: Mac version has arrived :D. Please check your game shelves for the new Mac version :)


* ・Al’s original scoring system
* ・PC Achievements
* ・Social Media Integration (PC/MAC)
* ・Ability to select foreign language subtitles
* ・Polish & Russian language support

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Post edited December 02, 2013 by JudasIscariot
JamesBond007: Foreign language support is nice, but still not perfect, because:
- language is set to Polish, but question "Show this question every time?" on achievement screen is displayed in English.
- subtitles would be nice. All spoken dialogues are currently in English only.
Could you send that to our Support department? Thanks, it helps to collect issues like these to send off to the devs. Sorry I didn't answer your post earlier :/
Pidgeot: My point was that they do *an extra* in-game thing even in the Steam version, so odds are that also happens in the GOG version.
Dragonsphere1: That might be, but if this is how it is - it cannot be called achievements. Well, it can, but it'll be misleading, as achievements are perceived as something you can keep a track on without pen and paper :)

About the achievements, if the changelog had listed "Steam Achievements" rather than "PC achievements" I would've omitted that section since it wouldn't be relevant. I'll try playing through the game sometime soon to verify but first I need to finish Heretic Kingdoms :P
Dragonsphere1: Perhaps you mean the pop-up that you can see in the image that I attached? (embedded images using [img][/img] would really be a great addition BTW :) )

It pops whenever an achievement-unlocking action takes place, but to me it seems like it's a leftover from Steam rather than a planned feature - the achievement name is missing from the pop-up, only the achievement text is there, and what's that checkbox on the bottom - "show this question every time" - what question?? If you uncheck that, by the way, these pop-ups stop appearing. The funny thing is that there's no way to bring them back after unchecking this, unless you delete a registry key! I'd really not call such a thing a planned feature...

I think this new feature is connected to the Facebook integration (which is also new in version 2) - I think this pop-up serves to let you know that the game has posted something on your wall. If you uncheck the checkbox, it does the posting without letting you know. Only an assumption though.

So, in any case, there are no proper achievements in this game. Achievements of which you cannot keep track using an automatic list-menu are not achievements.

And what's the latest version number again? :) (I mean in-game, in the Options menu)
The latest version of the game itself, not our installer, is 2.1 :)