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It's nice, that GOG updated all ScummVM games to version 2.0, but now I lost all my saves with Larry 7.

I know the old save game location is USER/AppData/Roaming/Sierra/Leisure Suit Larry 7 & new location is in the installation/saves directory, but just copying saves to new location have no effect.

Does anyone know is this possible to restotre old save games ?
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Bump? Had my saves from around September 2017 backed up. Installed the game again - noticed it now required Galaxy and had a different looking ScummVM. Pasted saves into Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Leisure Suit Larry 7\saves, but can't see them in-game.

Old saves were:

New installation has the following files:

Quickly tried renaming to match new names, but still can't load those saves. Any chance of restoring them?
ScummVM does not support saves that were created using the original DOS-interpreter.
If you want to use your old saves, you need to start the game using the original DOS-interpreter.