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The game keeps crashing at unpredictable moments. I usually get in plenty of time to play, but even so it will still crash in the middle of a level with no consistant reason why.
I've updated my drivers, but there's no clear indication or error code from the game.
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I was playing it for months fine and now it started crashing again, I think what I did to get it working for the longest time was put compatibility mode on win7 but now it seems to not work anymore, but maybe it will for you! If you find another fix let me know ;)
Many steam users affected by same problem.

Suggested fixes I found are:

Compatibility Mode: Windows 7


Put (-dxlevel 90 -32bit -heapsize 2048) on initial options, this STOP ALL BUGS.
I probably experienced the same problem as Marscaleb with my Windows 10 installation. I was unable to complete the first level of the game due to recurring crashes in single player mode. I still don't know how/where to edit the initial options as suggested by jiminitaur. However, I successfully completed the first level without crashes ***by enabling the second player*** (via keyboard or second controller). Although the controls were a bit awkward, I was able to save the game's progress upon completion. More importantly: I was able to play the second level in single player mode - without crashes.

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