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when i try to play the game it forces itself into coop mode when i play with a controller ( series x via Bluetooth) no matter what i do..
when i go to controll setup it clearly says i( see photo ) m controller player 1, but as soon i leave and press X for punch it goes in coop mode again. am i missing something clear here or is the game not compatble with xbox one series controllers ?? i have reformated my laptop 2 times now and it still havent fixed it . i might download lego starwars just to see if it happens there also.

Edit: i give up......

Edit Edit: the game is simply broken when playing with a controller with a series x over bluetooth (which is kinda funny since it IS SUPPORTED on TT website ) no matter what i do it just simply wont be played in 1P( i have reformatted my laptop 2 times now reinstalled the game 4 times now ) i tried to fiddle around with the keyboard binding feature and it will always resort to 2P.. im done now,nobody seems to have the problem i have, i could forgive if it was a old game but it came out in 2018 cmon now guys....i dont really know what to do now other than look at a broken game in my library..sorry for my rant.
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