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Title is pretty self explanatory.

Anyone else annoyed at that nearly one minute long skippable TT logo intro? Game itself is cool but I do not like having to endure that 1 minute logo intro that I cannot skip. It turns me off from playing the game. Lego Force Awakens has a similar long intro that you can't skip. (Thankfully you can skip the Lego Skywalker Saga intro thank goodness.)

Is there a mod, hack, or fan patch to enable us to skip it?
Check note 2 on the game page on pcgaming wiki (GOG won't allow me to post links, but just write the name of the game and PCGW on google ). Basically, yes, but unfortunately requires some pretty extensive work on the game files in order to render them moddable.

I also personally checked the config file (see path on the PCGW page) and didn't see any setting mentioning the intro movies. So I've chosen just to live with them: I boot the game and then go get a glass of water while it loads :P