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I need to scale the UI. I dont see this as an option in the video settings.

I am trying to play this on an HTPC on my tv. I cant even read all the tiny text in the game for the monster names and stats. Especially important because I want to know who to train and where to place things.

Just to give you an idea of what my Windows OS scaling is at...
I have the general OS scaling set to 150%. This allows me to see all the icons, read text, etc. on my tv even from >5 ft away.
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I have been playing with my video options a bit.

It seems 'Pixel Perfect' really destroys text. I turned it off and its now readable. Small still, but it is legible.

So still need a way to increase the UI scale so the text inside windows for things like skills, armor/resists, etc. are all a bit bigger and easier to see.