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I'm at level 7 with the first hero, working my way up.

I paused the game to come here, because one bit feels like there is auto balancing. I had a good run and some money which apparently made the events auto balance against me. I got some food poisoning event and had to pay ~500 to heal 3 of my creatures, .... is this a rogue game where you can have really good runs depending on what you pick from the random offers, or is this autobalancing for a consistent experience and putting me back on track if I deviate too much?

UI wise the shifting between rooms and 'reserve' feels a bit clunky, especially when it's blocked during various events/weeks which distinct between 'active' and 'reserve' characters for some reason. I'd rather have them not distinct and be free to reposition at any time.
Also sometimes the screen came up automatically (?) before a fight (which imo is very convenient) but most times it doesn't.
One thing I forgot: I'd really love to have some 'starting money' or so and put together my starting group and setup instead of being forced to play with the same one. Granted, there are skills which switch a couple of units out. Still, I'd prefer to start with no units/traps and have 10 weeks of merchants before the first fight.
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