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On the main floor, about half way up on the left side there is a grated door. If you go on hallway to the left there is a button that will activate an energy shot to open the barred door. The problem is I can fin no way to push the button and get out of the way without my stopping the shot. I tried a speed potion, but that doesn't help. I still can only step 1 square before I get hit by the shot.

What is the trick with getting out of the way of the shot. I have tried 17 times and it really much fun anymore.
I can't go in and check the map at the moment, but is it possible that you've missed a secret door/button, or a movable teleporter that would allow you to evade the shot or to redirect it?
The only thing I can think of is that either you're not moving as soon as you push the button, or you're using up a move to do a turn command.
Just do 2 strafes left and then move forward, turning takes too much time and you won't be able to make it. You'll be needing this multiple times in the game.
Post edited October 28, 2014 by flaw