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When will we see the patch here ?
Macos10: When will we see the patch here ?
If you absolutely cannot wait for the GOG version of the patch you could alternatively download the patch for the standalone version and apply it to the GOG installation following the instructions given on the site you linked to:

GOG version: The patch also works with GOG installations but there is a slight kink. When a dialog appears saying that an existing installation can not be found and the patcher asks “Abort Installation?”, select No. You have to then navigate to the installation location of your GOG version of Legend of Grimrock 2.
Worked for me.
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Yes I found that, worked for me to :)

I was bit reluctant at first in case it did not work and I lost my save games, but all OK.
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What's with the delay? Over 9 hrs since the patch was released and still no update to the GOG download. :(
"(does not apply to old save games)"
So, these bugs are only gone if you start from scratch?
3rd_earthling: GoG does its own QA round on any patch release, which means it's usually a day or two before it goes live here. Be glad that they do this because it has saved GoG users from having their games (and/or savegames) wrecked by bad patch releases in some cases.

Guter: IIRC that applies to two things: the buckler shield and the issue with removable wall segments. From what the devs have said, the reason for that is that the data for those things is part of the save game itself once you start, so a change to the master files doesn't affect them. (This is a common practice in game development now and it's done because it means that your save games won't break or become incompatible with a patch update.)

That said, the removable wall segment issue shouldn't have a meaningful effect on gameplay and the buckler's evasion bonus was working normally in the arm slot - the only thing the patch is changing is to also allow it to work in the shield slot, but most people end up equipping it in the arm slot anyway.
Thanks a lot for the clarification! :-)
Thx Garran. That is sensible... though somewhat frustrating for new games! I've used the patch from Almost Human without any problems.
Thanks for the information, already updated. Looking at the notes:

"– nerfed poison cloud’s poison effect"
Uhm, in what sense? It wasn't common that it would poison the enemies, now poison bolt, yeah, i got this feeling that every hit is a confirmed poisoned effect.

"– bug fix: a spell that was cut from the game during development can be cast by fiddling with the rune panel"
I hope that it's arrow enchantment but considering that's only 1 spell, i doubt it.
Thx mannefriedrich, it worked.