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Too darn old:

31:-) No dungeon for young Men:-)
Post edited April 16, 2012 by Alexander
I'm 43.
Luckmann: 26.

God I feel so old.
Trust me, you're not. *giggles*
But actually....even I'm not that old yet. Altho on some days my back and knees might disagree with me. :D
KrankyKat: I'm 43.
Luckmann: 26.

God I feel so old.
KrankyKat: Trust me, you're not. *giggles*
But actually....even I'm not that old yet. Altho on some days my back and knees might disagree with me. :D
Yeah, people keep telling me, but it doesn't make me feel better. :o
I'm 22 and haven't as much experience with dungeon crawlers as you old timers. The only one I played was as a kid in the mid 90's - Mordor 2 I believe it was called. It never got beyond beta, instead of finishing it the developers did a crappy 3D clone of the game called Demise.
I grew up playing The Bard's Tale and Pool of Radiance on the C-64,
before that, some text adventures whose names are forgotten to time.
In fact those inspired me to begin playing pen&paper AD&D 2nd edition.:-)
Im 28.

25-50 seems to be the demographic for GoG in general. I played some old school RPGs with dungeon crawl elements back in the days. Dungeon Master wasnt one of them. However I still got interesten in LoG and enjoy it.

But fun thing to note is that im normally interested in a completely diffrent Genre. Wich is competative Esport FPS. Im actually playing on a quite decent level in Tribes Ascend and before that Quake live.

Would be fun to know where most of the people here spent there time in, other than GoG-Games.
I'm 26 and of all games I played in my life the Might&Magic series seems to be the most similar to Grimrock. Aww Might&Magic ... have to replay these games sometime...
drakton: Since this is an old school game I am curious about what is the age range of people playing LoG. My guess is the average would be around late 30s?
Well I'm about to raise that average: I'm 63 hehehe.
I'm going to be 45 next month, that places me really high on the "Geezer" list 8).
28, but I still felt like a kid on christmas when the LoG installer had finished downloading.

My brother had a c64 and an amiga back in the 80's so I got an early introduction to dungeon crawlers that way. Of which I'm really thankful for btw. :)
I do play ALOT of other games but LoG really left me hungry for more. Looking forward to modding tools and future expansions
I'm 30. I liked Eye of the Beholder III quite a lot. While GOG has an older customer base than the game industry as a whole, I'd imagine that a game like Legend of Grimrock is even older than that. I can see a lot of people getting turned off by the tile based movement system and clicking on weapons to attack. Those of us who have played older dungeon crawlers can handle that sort of system a lot more easily.
My first computer game was Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.
Still have a soft spot for that game.

Turn 46 this year.
41 years young.

Started with a zx Speccy and moved on from there...;o)
54 What do I win??? ... oh yeah that's right... being old

My first games console was an Intellivision, first computer an Amiga 500. First PC had a 40 meg hard drive... seriously.. I had to work hard to get MM 4 and 5 onto it..

My new PC has been dispatched and is on its way... it has a solid state 120 gig drive for Windows and 2 x 2 TB Black caviar drives .. so that's a 'fair' but bigger storage wise.

First game I fell in love with was EOB on the Amiga
25 here! When I was very very young, my older brother (40) used to get me out of bed late at night to go play Eye of the Beholder and the Might & Magics while our parents were too busy being asleep to tell us to "stop polluting our minds". :) Great times, and now, while playing Grimrock, I understand why my brother loved those games so much!