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Since this is an old school game I am curious about what is the age range of people playing LoG. My guess is the average would be around late 30s?
Well I'm about to raise that average: I'm 63 hehehe.
27 here, played dungeon master and eye of the beholder around 9-10 y old so this really sits back into the early stages of my life :q, i was ofc handheld threw most of it back then but me and my brother did as many mistakes shared ;)
27 here too.

God I feel so old.
I'm 29, and I still remember playing Dungeon Master 2 on Amiga.
It took me quite a while to get hang of it, since it was my first RPG, but it was fun :)
Luckmann: 26.

God I feel so old.
So do I
I'm 25. My nostalgia for dungeon crawlers stems from Lands of Lore - I was 6 or so when I played it and went nuts for that game.
I started all with EoB 2, backtracing to EoB1, Dungeon master, LoL, Anvil of Down and all dungeon crowlers that I can think of.

I'm over 30, but not by much ;)
42 - my first adventure was Dungeon Master on the amiga (around 1988?), though I was well into paper based AD&D for years before that. Grimlock is like coming home...
Luckmann: 26.

God I feel so old.
IzU: So do I
You kids wait until you have 32...
26 but I really don't have any nostalgia for these games. I didn't start playing them until I was into my 20's
I'm 32 have not really tried to many dungeon crawlers, but like the premise.
I'm 28 and I still find such games entertaining :)
Well I didnt name myself Oldgrizz for nothing, 66 years young. Started out on the Commodore 64 then the 128, then the best computer ever the Amiga. My all time favorite game has to be Dungeon Master and System Shock II.
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21 here! :D