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Least I'm not the youngest here-16
Played Heroes of Might and Magic, Might and Magic and Wizardry when I was younger and didn't realize they were classic games at the time.
36. Man I'm getting old. I didn't even notice it pass me by. I played a lot of EotB 2 back in the day. Totally fascinated me. And a bit of Dungeon Master. It's kind of nice to see a modern take on it.
KrankyKat: I'm 43.
Luckmann: 26.

God I feel so old.
KrankyKat: Trust me, you're not. *giggles*
But actually....even I'm not that old yet. Altho on some days my back and knees might disagree with me. :D
Yeah 43 isn't old so the 24 year old kids whining they are old... I'm 53 and no that's not really old, not yet but it comes closer and closer. The point is 53 now isn't the same than when my parents had 53, now 53 isn't really old.
17! Love Might and Magic, but Grimrock is my first dungeon crawler.
Contrary to popular belief i am not 40 years old
I am 18... with 22 years experience.

and a dungeon crawler from way back to ultima 4

Too young to be nostalgic for these kind of games but young enough to remember when they weren't archaic.
34 years old :)

EOB and the Dungeon Master series, oh and Knightmare if anyone remembers that one for the Amiga 500.

Or better yet...Hired Guns ?
I am 44. Began with games like Wizardry , Bards Tale, Zork etc... still love most all PC game types old and new, no end in sight!
I am 20. I played DM for a while, but my best RPG ever is Realms of Arkania trilogy.
40 here (*sigh*)
And this game sends me right back to the time I played Dungeon Master on my Atari 520 (and fell off my chair the first time I encountered a screaching mummy at the corner of a dark corridor)
28 ... Pick this up cause it reminded me of the old school dungeon crawlers (like others have named, Dungeon Master, EotB and whatnot)
17. Too young to have played the greats that inspired this, but I knew I'd like this sort of game :) and I do.
32; I spent way too many hours on Eye of the Beholder, Ultima Underworld and Lands of Lore as a kid! It's great to see an old dead and gone genre get brought back to life like this. Seems like more and more developers are taking notice that some good stuff got left behind.
TheJadedMieu: New youngest GOGer: I'm 15.

omfg, are all the young gogers into the same thngs??? Tales of the abyss is my favorite game of all time and seen another goger 17 talking in another thread about Guy :P

Anyway, I'm 19, and I was actually introduced to this concept of gaming by Etrian Odyssey for the DS. Have been playing D&D since third edition came out.
but i just started so i dont know if i can really be considered grimrock player