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Hi every One,

I would like to have custom portrait for LoG 2, with the GOG version of the game.

I created tga image file, with a dimension of 128x128. I didn’t find a ""My Document\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock 2\Portraits" directory. I could only find a "GOG Games/Legend of Grimrock II/grimrock1_portraits/" directory.

I put my file tga file there, relaunch the game. But I could not see the new portraits I created. Moreover, I notice that this directory didn’t contain any picture from the LoGII but from LoGI.

So my questions are:
1. where are portrait images of the GOG version of LoG2?
2. how can we have custom portrait in the GOG version of LoG2?

Thanks in advance,
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I finally find the "Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock 2\Portraits" directory. The Playonlinux software put this directory directly under my linux user’s home directory, whereas I was looking for it into the wine directories.

Every thing is ok now.