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I've just re-downloaded this game today as I read somewhere it's now working with controllers. I see no option anywhere for this within the game. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?
For me Soul Reaver 2 work perfectly with General PnP Dinput analog gamepad or Razor Hydra (in Dinput gamepad mode). No junky moves or going in circles and never be such issues for me. Soul Reaver 1 officially didnt support Analog gamepads but much older varia5ion of DirectX Dinput. Somehow going in circles issue was random for me for differ pads.

(SR2 didnt get any official modern fixes nor include fanmade patches, you heard some fan made solution or probably miss it with Soul Reaver 1 which get fanmade patches in '12 and now newer fixes update in this month)

If your gamepad have hard-switcher on it for legacy Dinput mode or software switcher in native driver - switch it to Dinput.
If your pad is General Dinput pad and have issues - it is Win10 and modern video drivers issue. Use video driver or i prefer RTSS RivaTuner to limit FPS. Plus disable fullscreenoptimisation in exe properties (gog preset it anyway but look if it is still enabled).

But if you have Ms Xbox pad, General Xinput (Xbox clone) pad or - especially - else modern consoles gamepad (Xinput) y
you most likely need 3rd party wrappers/fixes like from link above.

Keep in mind #1.1 - else consoles pads been Xinput devices not fully supported and work as Xbox clone even if they not and some Xbox pad mandatory functional of Xinput are not present in the games. Xbox clones better supported.
Keep in mind #1.2 - every wireless devices always differ separate from wired for OS. Equality of Xbox/clone wireless to wired device is mandatory functional of Xinput only for Xbox/clone pads (adapter still a device with own HWID and depend on gamepad/adapter for non-original Ms pads)
That affect modern games, not this one. If game additionally to Xinput general/Xbox pads do support specific ones - this support can be only for wireless or only for wired. Depend on developers.
Keep in mind #2.1 - Wrappers are not the same as modern native Xinput game with Xbox pad.
K3ep in mind #2.2. - since "native" Xinput is only for native Xinput modern games and original/100% clone of Xbox - you must reset and manually rebind gam3pad input.

So in Soul Reaver 2 as well. When SR2 released there is no such thing as default gamepad schema since there is no "default gamepads". Even if you have legacy Microsoft gamepad. Whatever with or without 3rd party wrappers/fixes you should manually rebind gamepad control in ingame settings. Whatever gamepad6ou have. Xbox are default gamepad only for modern games from very late of '00s.
(french version initially bugged in controls menu lead to CTD and i dont remmebr if GOG version include fix for it)

There is more compatibility issues with "gaming" wireless mouse devices, but not gamepads. Best solution is buy Dinput/switcher gamepad for legacy old games to reduce need of 3rd party downloads.
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