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You registered in 2009 and still cant find download links?
I know how to download, it wont let me.
And I was on here before 2009, when it was just a beta site, but they made us re-register, since you have only been here since 2015 thats how it worked.
I know about GOG beta and everything. Not the point. You still not look like a 2009 user for me.

< thats how it worked >
what i want to hear from you... If it not a 404 error (and they not, a check and everything downloaded fine for me, except bonuses maybe) - than you should explain what you mean downloads not work. Which one? Cause i try randomly - and they work.

First general advise (without knowing what exactly happened)
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What a waste of time this post is.

Offline Download > Click item download > Get taken to a page with a bunch of lines of code, or am re-directed to my Game page again.

Will not download.

ALL the Kain games do that to me.
ALL my other games download just fine.
JUST the Kain series will not download.
did you try refresh account by my url?
contct GOG support.
Better PM someone active GOG staff on general forum.

All Kain games are downlaoded just fine for me.
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I already contacted support for a refund, and had to deal with the stupid Chat box thing, so I have no idea if I am getting a refubnd or not, since every time I try to check it goes to the same chatbox thingy.
Stupidest thing gog has done since I have been a member (since beta).
Used to be able to contact a real gog support person, and do it that way.

It looks like they were putting up new exe's for the game when I was trying to download them.
They pulled em and updated them. I have one installer that is labelled 20.xx.xx, and the new one is 21.xx.xx
So, I guess they were updating the download server there for a while, but I have downloaded all 3 of them now.
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Hey, is anyone else on the forum? And if so, does anyone have an answer to my question when "Legacy of Kain Soul: Reaver 1" will be available again?