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Really weird issue: No matter what button I set it, devour souls does nothing in game. This is a problem, seeing as its kind of an essential function. Additionally, the into cut scene didn't display video and played audio so fast it sounded like a Alvin and the Chipmunks conference.

Anyone else dealt with these problems?
I'm dealing with the same issue now. The people at GOG need to fix this issue and give us the solution, if we are to pay for a game by them, they need to work out all the technical issues
Same here BUT If I worp to the other world the button then works.
EXCEPT! Tthen I can't get him to move. Oh he runs as hard as he can .. but he is just running in place. And at this point I can no longer acess the menu to worp back.
Its FPS problem (in friend case it was), you must limit framerate down (for us we set 60fps on 60Hz monitor)
On AMD cards: Go to amd catalyst -> "Gaming" tab -> choose your game (sr2.exe in this case) -> set limit to 60 -> done
ON Nvidia cards: Download and instal "Msi afterburner" with "RivaTunner" -> Run msi afterburner and RivaTuner -> go to riva tuner tab-> In middle is "Frame limit" -> set it to 60 -> Done

After that divine soul should work and also all teleports will be eliminated

I recommed set this for all Legacy of kain games

Game crash fix: If your game crash/freeze after +- 10 minutes you must reduce active cores
Go to "task manager" -> Details -> Find sr2.exe -> Right click on it -> Set affinity -> check only two cores -> Done

adter that there will be no more issues.
I can confirm it's FPS issue and limiting FPS solve this.