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[Question]: Is there any way to run Lands of Lore 3 in windowed mode?

I've already tried updating nGlide to 1.05 (which has added support for windowed mode), running game in Software Render/D3D mode (which some threads here have stated allows it to go to windowed mode) and also tried playing around with command line parameters (found from the nGlide forums) - all to no avail.

Also, is there any way to "fix" the game's mouse acceleration? The mouse tends to behave erratically when using Mouse Look (which locks the cursor in the middle of the screen), often causing the camera to rotate sharply to the point that Copper does a 180° turn when trying to look to the left or right slightly. I've not played far into the game but this behavior is exhibited everywhere I've been except the initial cave area (so far Lower Gladstone, Gladstone Forest, Draracle's Caves).

The reason for wanting to use windowed mode is because I would love to stream this game on Twitch, it being one of my childhood favorites, but been having a lot of trouble actually getting the game to be properly captured in XSplit (mainly because Auto-Detect Source does not pick the game up, and selecting it specifically as a source would require me to alt-tab/run windowed mode so I can set the stream up while the game is running). Alt-tab (when it works) seems to cause the game to crash, though, so looks like windowed mode might be my only shot.

Addendum: I have tried capturing the screen area where the game is on from within XSplit, and that seems to do the trick, but the frame rate is incredibly low compared to the actual game so that's probably something I want to avoid as well (and it also produces weird glitches in D3D mode when cutscenes play, also in certain areas of Lower Gladstone).
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